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Mark Flagler & Flagler Films

About Mark Flagler and Flagler Films

Mark Flagler has worked in the field of video production for 19 years. After graduating with a degree in communications and video production Mark launched himself into his career as a producer, director, cameraman and editor.

Flagler Films was born in 2003, when he returned to the Appalachian Trail to document the historic footpath and the thru hiker journey. Earlier in 2001, Mark hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, a six-month journey which he used to plot his eventual documentary on the 2,168-mile trail. The inspiring two-hour program titled “Appalachian Impressions - Hiking the Appalachian Trail” was completed in 2004. This award-winning documentary has been seen on 305 PBS channels across the US with just under 1,000,000 households watching this documentary. The success of Appalachian Impressions has inspired Mark to produce more programs about long-distance hiking trails.

Mark later returned to the backcountry in 2006 to document the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). He spent over 7 months hiking and filming parts of the 3,100-mile CDT. The two-hour program, titled “Walking the Great Divide - A Journey Along the Continental Divide Trail”, takes the viewer from Mexico to Canada along the backbone of America. The two-hour program was completed in January 2008 and has been broadcast on 474 PBS channels across the U.S. since 2009. Over 1,000,000 households have tuned in to watch this documentary.

“Appalachian Impressions” and “Walking the Great Divide” have earned "primetime" rating honors and the two-disc DVD versions of both documentaries continue to be a success and are sold throughout North America in stores and online.

Over the years Mark has delivered a variety of presentations about the outdoors throughout America, Ireland, The Netherlands and Norway. Flagler Films is recognized as an industry leader in walking and hiking projects.

Mark has hiked over 6,000 miles on long-distance trails on three continents. Notable hikes include: Appalachian Trail thru-hike, 1,500-miles along the Continental Divide Trail, trekking in Patagonia and sections of the International Appalachian Trail in the US, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Norway.

Flagler Films hopes to someday produce television and DVD programs about the Pacific Crest Trail, International Appalachian Trails, North Sea Cycle Route and Camino de Santiago as well as other outdoor adventure programs. Stay tuned at www.flaglerfilms.com, www.facebook.com/flaglerfilms and @FlaglerFilms (twitter).

Montbell is proud to support Mark and Flagler Films by donating clothing and gear for future filming endeavors and his numerous film tours throughout the world.