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Storm Cruiser Jacket Men's


Updated 03/15/19 (EST)

The Best Durable Rain Jackets from ADVENTURE ALAN

Review Date: November 16th, 2017

"The Montbell Storm Cruiser is a full-featured, durable jacket that competes with the Outdoor Research Realm. The Storm Cruiser has all the bells and whistles while remaining at 10 oz! Drawcord adjustable hem, velcro adjustable elastic cuffs, big pit zips, two big waterproof chest pockets (above that pesky hip belt), a good-sized coil zipper and a three way adjustable hood (it’s quite deep). For venting the Storm Cruiser has two large pit-zips vs. the Realm’s single mesh lined chest pocket. This may be more to some people’s liking."

"BEST FOR: Anyone looking for tough, breathable, well designed rain jacket that has pretty much every feature, including large pit-zips!"


Montbell Storm Cruiser Rain Jacket Review

Reviewed: February 21, 2019

The Montbell Storm Cruiser is Montbell's flagship hard shell and has been a jacket I've been curious about since taking the Montbell Torrent Flier on my Continental Divide Trail thru-hike.

Unlike some of my other rain jackets, the Storm Cruiser doesn't much resemble a trash bag and it does more than simply serve as a physical barrier between your skin and the weather – it actually keeps you dry. There are two versions of this jacket, the Japanese version and the US version (this is discussed multiple times below) and it comes in a range of colors (but no pink) – if you want to pop in your pictures, get yourself something bright.


THE WEATHERPROOF-NESS | I tend to neglect my rain jacket choices because bringing a rain jacket means acknowledging that it might rain. However, when preparing my Japanese Alps Traverse gear list, I am glad the Storm Cruiser made it on. The trip started with a week of nearly nonstop rain and the Storm Cruiser kept me dry. I typically only wear my rain jacket if it's really raining, so I was happy that this jacket did what it promised to.

THE POCKETS | The pockets on this jacket are huge. Two zippered hand pockets with 8.7 in / 22 cm openings. If you're wearing this jacket while backpacking, the pockets are still accessible even with a hip belt buckled. Inside of the pockets you will find the adjustments for the hem (simply grab the elastic and pull). I didn't have any issues with things inside of the pockets getting wet during periods of extended rain.

THE ZIPPERS | You know when you get something and you can turn it over in your hands, look at it closely, and say, “damn, this looks very well built”? Well, that's the feeling I get looking at the zipper construction on the Montbell Storm Cruiser (and if you have no idea what I mean by the first sentence, then just know this is a good thing). There is no leakage through the zippers during rain and I never had any problems with the zippers breaking or not catching.