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Store Hours Update

The Boulder and Denver stores are observing new hours:
Boulder Store is open 11am-6pm, dedicated hours 10am-11am W-F, and closed on Mondays & Tuesdays.
Denver Store is open 11am-6pm, dedicated hours 10am-11am M-F.

Super Merino Wool Light Review!

Backpacker Magazine named the Super Merino Wool Light Weigh Round Neck as “Best Value” in their Nov/Dec 2020 issue.

Outdoor Gientai

Today, Outdoor Gientai donated 3,000 medical gowns and 3,000 face shields to the state of Colorado. Gowns will be distributed by Boulder County Public Health on a need basis to local health facilities. Face shields are being distributed to Boulder Valley School District and Denver Public Schools. To learn more about Outdoor Gientai and how we are responding to Covid-19, click here.

Seamless Down Hugger Review!

The Seamless Down Hugger WR 900 #3 has been named the Best Overall Backpacking Sleeping Bag! Head over to Gearjunkie.com to read the review!

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