What's New

Light Down Pants are in Stock!

"Where did the Superior Down Pants go?" "What happened to your down pants?" "Why did you guys get rid of those down pants?" All questions we've been hearing lately. Have no fear! We've updated the design and the new down pants are now in stock! Men's Women's

Fleece Guide Update

We've updated our Fleece Guide to reflect the addition of the new Climaplus Shearling. It is our warmest fleece thanks to its fluffy properties. Men's and Women's should be arriving any day now.

New Items Arriving!

Have you browsed your favorite categories recently? New items are arriving and will continue to be added to the website as we receive them at our distribution center. Click here to jump to the collection.

Checkout the Closeout!

Sales and coupons just aren't Montbell's style. However, when products get updated or colors retired, the older models and colors go to our Closeout Section. August 1st is the day and now is your chance to get some great deals. We're looking at you EX Light Down Anorak!

Sleeping Bag Guide

In case you missed the huge banner, we have a new Sleeping Bag Guide to check out.

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