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Whitney “Allgood” LaRuffa

ABOUT Whitney

Whitney "Allgood" LaRuffa has been an avid thru-hiker since his first thru-hike of the Appalachian trail in 1996. During his college years “Allgood” worked as a ridgerunner along the Appalachian Trail helping others learn ways to responsibly enjoy the outdoors.

Allgood has hiked over 10,000 miles on long distance trail in the US, including the first thru-hikes of the Chinook Trail, a 330 mile route through the Columbia River Gorge in Washington & Oregon, and The Blue Mountains Trail, a 585 mile route through the Blue Mountains of northeast Oregon.

Other Thru-Hikes he has completed
2011 John Muir Trail
2012 Wonderland Trail
2013 Tahoe Rim Trail
2014 Chinook Trail
2015 Sierra High Route
2016 Continental Divide Trail
2018 Trans San Diego County Trail
2018 Oregon Desert Trail
2020 Blue Mountains Trail

After many years on the trail, Allgood is fortunate enough to have his career be his passions. As the VP of Sales and Marketing for Six Moon, he shares his love of hiking and gear with others. Allgood is also the President Eremites of The American Long Distance Hiking Association-West (ALDHA-West) where for over 7 years he volunteered countless hours helping be the voice of America’s long-distance hiker. When not helping others learn about hiking, you can find Allgood walking the trails around the US in need of a shower, a cold beer, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

Website: www.thedagodiaries.com
Facebook: AllgoodsK9Adventures
Instagram: agk9adventures