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Seamless Down Hugger WR 900 #3


Updated 08/19/20 (EST)

This new option from Montbell is just about as high spec as sleeping bags get

Reviewed in August, 2020

The Seamless Down Hugger from long running Japanese outdoor brand Montbell is an incredibly innovative evolution of a previous sleeping bag from the brand, one that had garnered a slew of positive reviews. What Montbell have done this time is they’ve ditched the classic baffle construction seen on just about every down filled sleeping bag and instead made it seamless. They’ve also added some very useful materials and design features.

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Montbell’s newest crop of Down Hugger bags has a lot going for them. For one, Montbell secured this bag’s down insulation in place using a system that it calls Spider Baffle, where an array of synthetic threads hold onto down clumps to help maintain their loft. It eliminates the need for baffles created by stitching, optimizing the bag for warmth and durability. Montbell employed elastic in the liner to help the bag “hug” a sleeper, which eliminates dead airspace. And, to top it all off, this particular Down Hugger model comes with a Gore-Tex Infinium exterior, making it remarkably weather-resistant.


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When it comes to durability, packability, and overall comfort, Montbell takes the cake. The Down Hugger line as a whole presents a finely tuned array of bags, tailored to various temperature ratings, fill powers, and feature sets.

And Montbell’s “seamless” design helps promote more loft space for the down within the bag. So, at least in theory, you get a highly packable bag with an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio. In our testing, that’s exactly what Montbell achieved. Not only is the Down Hugger plush and warm, but it also provides a surprising amount of shoulder room.

And as the “WR” designation suggests, this bag has high water resistance. A GORE-TEX INFINIUM shell blocks drafts or wind and helps repel moisture like the condensation so often faced inside tents. It uses incredibly high-quality 900-fill down, which certainly adds to the sky-high price.


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We’ve loved the Down Hugger since 2009 for its unparalleled stretch and warmth. Now you can add to the list: lightweight. Montbell slimmed the Down Hugger by eliminating baffles in favor of long strings of barbed yarn that hold the down in place. This provides the down ample room to loft (instead of some insulation getting compressed against baffle walls) and does away with air-emitting holes made by sewing needles. “I felt like it could’ve been five degrees colder and I would have been fine,” said one tester after pushing the Down Hugger below its temp rating in Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The 13-denier nylon gives up a little stretch (it extends up to 17 inches versus 22 inches in the previous version) in the shoulders, but testers could still change layers while zipped into their bags.