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Sun Block Umbrella 55


Updated 10/17/17 (EST)

Montbell Athlete Whitney "Allgood" LaRuffa Review and Recommendations

Reviewed in April, 2017

The umbrella was key for me not only on rainy days in Montana, but more so on the sunny days in the desert. One day it was the only shade I had while walking across the great divide basin, and it helped keep me cool and protected from the sun.

Continental Divide Trail Thru-Hike 2016

from Whitney “Allgood” LaRuffa

Hikelighter.com features the Sun Block Umbrella

Reviewed on December 26, 2016

John Abela reviewed the Sun Block Umbrella over at Hikelighter.com. He also has a short video comparing the specs and his feelings about the Sun Block Umbrella.

from Hikelighter.com