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Superior Down Pants Men's


Updated 05/30/18 (EST)

Trail Tested

Reviewed on May 21st, 2018

Pack at least an insulated jacket to retain body heat during midday rest breaks in cool temperatures and while lounging in camp. I find insulated pants to be critical as well in the fall, when nights start getting long and cold.

Insulated clothing will have down or synthetic fill. Unless you have a strict budget, I recommend down: It’s lighter weight for its warmth, more compressible, and much longer-lasting. My chief complaint about synthetic fills is their longevity—they are notably flatter and less warm after a season of hard use, making them a poor long-term investment.

Don’t buy the BS that synthetics are “warm when wet.” Nothing is warm when wet, unless you pee on yourself. Follow this advice to protect your down insulation from moisture.

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