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Plasma 1000 Down Vest Men's


Updated 09/10/20 (EST)

Best Vests of 2020

Reviewed in September, 2020

If the Patagonia Micro Puff above was just too heavy for you at a hefty 5.7 ounces, perhaps the 3.1-ounce Montbell Plasma 1000 will do the trick. This is not a misprint: the vest is made with 1,000-fill-power down, which is absolutely outrageous from a warmth-to-weight and fluffiness perspective. For serious alpine climbers or those who just want to brag about their down vest that weighs less than an average deck of cards, this is your ticket.


Ultralight Insights

Reviewed on Novemeber 15th, 2016

Will Rietveld of Ultralight Insights has reviewed the Plasma 1000 Down Vest. Find out what he has to say about Montbell's newest edition to our down lineup for Fall/Winter of 2016!

"A down vest that weighs only 3 ounces? Yes! The Montbell Plasma 1000 Down Vest is basically their uberlight 4.8 ounce Plasma 1000 Down Jacket minus the sleeves.

A down vest is an orphan in a way; it doesn’t have a conventional home, and its an acquired affinity. It’s basically a midlayer, but the choice to buy and use a vest depends a lot on user preference. Some people simply like vests because they provide both warmth and freedom of movement. Or they simply like the athletic/outdoorsy appearance. Others (like me) look at it from a functionality viewpoint.

I see it mainly as a midlayer, and in the case of the Montbell Plasma 1000 Down Vest, an ultralight midlayer that will enable me to cut some weight from my gear kit."

from Ultralightinsights.blogspot.com

Appalachian Trials

Reveiwed on October 21, 2016

James Cape featured the Plasma 1000 Down Vest in a review on Appalaciantrials.com. Read what he has to say about the Plasma 1000 Down Vest.

"Montbell’s market-leading lightweight technology justifies the price. 1000-fill down is no joke. This vest (in combination with layers) is not only feasible but practical for a thru-hiker. I would have loved the Plasma Vest on the AT and would strongly consider using it on long-distance hikes in place of an ultralight down jacket." - James Cape

from Appalaciantrials.com