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U.L. Thermawrap Parka Men's


Updated 06/25/20 (EST)

Your Guide to Day Hiking Essentials, According to Hardcore Hikers

Reviewed in June, 2020

Allgood also has a few solid picks (all from Montbell): The Tachyon Parka for "for taking the chill off during a creak, early morning miles, or when up on a ridge in the wind," the Torrent Flier Jacket that's he’s brought on all his around-the-globe adventures for the last six years, and finally, the U.L. Thermawrap Parka. Allgood says "Everyone loves a puffy, but in the PNW a synthetic top is preferable as it keeps you warm even if it's wet. This lightweight top is great as an extra layer for warmth."

from Thrillist

Top Picks in Trail Warm Wear

Reviewed on May 2018

Of all the insulated jackets we tried, we put the UL Thermawrap Parka at the top of our list. Not only does this jacket look and feel great, it does an amazing job at retaining heat both on the move and at rest. The outer shell is a combination of ballistic airlight fabrics with a unique, brushed texture that makes it stand out from the typical puffy jacket. It’s exceptional heat retention is provided by 40 grams of Stretch Exceloft synthetic insulation. This pliable, hydrophobic material moves with the wearer to eliminate thin spots, while maintaining excellent breathability and quick-drying capability.

from PCTOregon

U.L. Thermawrap Parka

Montbell’s Under Layer (or UL) Thermawrap series has been constantly refined over the years in order to continually push innovation and development, ultimately creating a better jacket year over year. The 2017 Thermawrap series consists of men’s and women’s jackets, parkas, pants, vests, and a pro and guide model. This review will focus on the Montbell U.L. Thermawrap Parka.

The U.L. Thermawrap Parka qualifies as an active insulation piece, meaning it keeps you warm but dissipates heat as you exert yourself during aerobic activity. It's the perfect mid layer for backcountry use on cooler days or to wear as an outer layer for those spring tours. It’s incredibly comfortable, fits well and is of course well made as it’s MontBell after all. Available in three, two-tone colour options you will certainly look good with this lightweight, synthetic insulated parka. It packs down small enough to tuck away in your pack and still retains warmth when wet.

As you can see below the orange zippers on the front of Montbell’s UL Thermawrap Parka compliment the indigo blue very well. There's also a bright two-toned pumpkin option, or a stealthier Gunmetal color scheme available.

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