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Tachyon Parka Men's


Updated 06/25/20 (EST)

Your Guide to Day Hiking Essentials, According to Hardcore Hikers

Reviewed in June, 2020

Allgood also has a few solid picks (all from Montbell): The Tachyon Parka for "for taking the chill off during a creak, early morning miles, or when up on a ridge in the wind," the Torrent Flier Jacket that's he’s brought on all his around-the-globe adventures for the last six years, and finally, the U.L. Thermawrap Parka. Allgood says "Everyone loves a puffy, but in the PNW a synthetic top is preferable as it keeps you warm even if it's wet. This lightweight top is great as an extra layer for warmth."

from Thrillist

GEAR REVIEW: Montbell Tachyon Parka

Reviewed in May, 2019

I have previously tested the 1.6 ounce Montbell Tachyon Jacket (now the Ex Light Wind Jacket), which is Spartan, save for a full-height front zipper. I really like it for its simplicity and light weight, and it’s a no-brainer to take a windshirt in addition to a rain jacket for windwear because it performs better for that purpose.

Now I have to evaluate carrying the Tachyon Parka instead, and adding 0.8 ounce to my gear kit. It’s weight creep; so is it worth it?

The hood adds a little extra warmth on a cold morning, and its nice to have when the wind is howling in my ears. I often wear a billed cap over the hood while hiking to keep the hood from inflating in the wind.

I also sleep in a hoodless sleeping bag these days, and having a hood on a windshirt or down jacket is a good way to keep my head warm as needed.

And the zippered pockets are handy for carrying, and securing, smaller items on the trail and in camp.

Montbell claims that this new Tachyon windshirt has increased breathability because of changes in the manufacturing of their 7-denier fabric. So, is there a noticeable difference? I would say yes, there is, but it’s not dramatic. In cold conditions I can hike for extended periods without steaming up. In cool shady conditions I can hike longer before getting too hot. However, in the Southwestern US where I live, the sun is the wildcard. Even on cooler days, if the sun is shining, it doesn’t take long to overheat while hiking while wearing a windshirt. As usual, hiking while wearing a windshirt is most comfortable when it’s cloudy, cool, and breezy/windy.

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Test:light equipment

Reviewed in May 2018

Als Windschutz trägt man besser eine dünne Softshell oder denn nur 75 Gramm schweren Windbreaker Tachyon (s. re.) von Montbell.“Outdoor” Magazin / Mai 2018

For wind protection, you‘d better wear a thin softshell or only 75 gram windbreaker Tachyon from Montbell.“Outdoor” Magazine / May 2018

from Outdoor Magazine


Reviewed on March 17th, 2018

Our take

It sounds like the start of a bad joke: What kind of wind protection do you get for less than 3 ounces? But there's no disappointing punch line with this barely-there piece, which crams impressive breeze-blocking into a shell that weighs as much as a kiwi. "With high winds whipping midway up New Hampshire's Cannon Cliff, it blocked the gusts without increasing my core temp, even during tough stretches of fist-jamming," says a New England-based climber. Montbell reduced the density of the weave and added a special roller-flattening finishing process, which increases wind protection of the 7-deniers nylon face fabric without interfering with breathability (unlike a coating or a membrane). That made for adequate breathability on vigorous, cool-weather 6 hikes along Vermont,s Long Trail, but it's still not as air-conditioned as the Agravic (left), as it lacks vents.

The details

Despite the fabric's cellophane-like appearance, it's pretty soft. You trade features like a hem cinch and pit zips for the weight (though there are hand pockets and a single hood-adjustment cord). Heads up: Something this dainty needs TLC. We ripped our sample when it snagged on a carabiner.

Trail cred

"This shell has a nice, trim fit," one tester says. "In a stiff breeze up on pitch five of New Hampshire's Whitney Gilman, it didn't flap around like a flag."

from Backpacker Magazine / BACKPACKER GEAR GUIDE April 2018