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Tachyon Parka Men's


Updated 06/27/18 (EST)


Reviewed on March 17th, 2018

Our take

It sounds like the start of a bad joke: What kind of wind protection do you get for less than 3 ounces? But there's no disappointing punch line with this barely-there piece, which crams impressive breeze-blocking into a shell that weighs as much as a kiwi. "With high winds whipping midway up New Hampshire's Cannon Cliff, it blocked the gusts without increasing my core temp, even during tough stretches of fist-jamming," says a New England-based climber. Montbell reduced the density of the weave and added a special roller-flattening finishing process, which increases wind protection of the 7-deniers nylon face fabric without interfering with breathability (unlike a coating or a membrane). That made for adequate breathability on vigorous, cool-weather 6 hikes along Vermont,s Long Trail, but it's still not as air-conditioned as the Agravic (left), as it lacks vents.

The details

Despite the fabric's cellophane-like appearance, it's pretty soft. You trade features like a hem cinch and pit zips for the weight (though there are hand pockets and a single hood-adjustment cord). Heads up: Something this dainty needs TLC. We ripped our sample when it snagged on a carabiner.

Trail cred

"This shell has a nice, trim fit," one tester says. "In a stiff breeze up on pitch five of New Hampshire's Whitney Gilman, it didn't flap around like a flag."

from Backpacker Magazine / BACKPACKER GEAR GUIDE April 2018

Test:light equipment

Reviewed on May 2018

Als Windschutz trägt man besser eine dünne Softshell oder denn nur 75 Gramm schweren Windbreaker Tachyon (s. re.) von Montbell.“Outdoor” Magazin / Mai 2018

For wind protection, you‘d better wear a thin softshell or only 75 gram windbreaker Tachyon from Montbell.“Outdoor” Magazine / May 2018

from Outdoor Magazine