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Tachyon Hooded Jacket Women's


Updated 04/17/24 (EST)

Best Women's Windbreaker Jackets of 2024

Review Date: April 2, 2024

The Montbell Tachyon is a soft, lightweight windbreaker with sizeable hand pockets, making it a good option for hikers who want something durable, practical, and small enough to stuff away when not in use. In particular, I appreciated the soft fabric that didn’t “swish” as loudly or feel as cumbersome as the other jackets we tested.

At only 2.3 oz, I’d argue this also makes a good ultralight backpacking option, though slightly less weather resistant than the Black Diamond Distance Shell or the Patagonia Houdini Air. It’s a thin jacket that is excellent for breezy or mildly windy days but less ideal for high and chilly gusts. The packable jacket stuffs down into a pocket, has elastic cuffs, and is made from 7-denier Ballistic Airlight nylon ripstop—an ultra-lightweight, comfortable material—with a water-repellent finish.

from treeline review

Why We Love the Humble, Indispensable Windshirt

Review Date: Jun 18,2019

The first time I encountered the word “windshirt” was most definitely while reading a blog post written by someone who moves through time and space much, much faster than me. I remember thinking, This is probably one of those clothing items used solely by über-athletes—ultra-runners, record-smashing long-distance hikers—not something that I, a person who moves at the speed of sloth, needs to have in her wardrobe.

By the end of our Colorado trip, the windshirt and I had become BFFs. Due to its nearly nonexistent weight and extreme compactness (it folds into its own pocket, but is highly smooshable regardless), it’s become a steady companion on hikes, during runs, and while I’m traveling, taking up so little space that I can shove it into a running vest pocket, my purse, or even a fanny pack (don’t laugh). On top of that? This thing is freakishly durable—I’ve brushed against cacti, scraped against the angriest of Joshua Tree boulders, and fallen into at least one gnarly catclaw bush (again, don’t laugh) with nary a rip or hole to show for it.

So ultimately, while owning a windshirt certainly hasn’t caused me to move any faster through time and space, it does help me feel a bit more comfortable and adaptable when I’m slogging along at my own pace. And that, honestly, is worth its weight in gold—or in space-age nylon, I suppose.

from Adventure Journal

Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson Review and Recommendations

Reviewed in December 2018

I’ve found the Tachyon Parka to be the next level in a minimal multi-season kit. I’ve had opportunity to use it as an insect and/or sun layer in warmer conditions as well as for alpine runs and hikes when windy conditions exist for part of the day necessitating an extra layer. Rather than carry a heavy jacket or second shirt, the Tachyon Parka is a 2.3oz item that performs big without weighing you down. As always, the weight is excellent and it’s very warm for as light as it is. It holds in heat even in blustery conditions which is essential for reducing dangers from windchill. I’ve enjoyed using it as a perfect layer for winter running over my long sleeve. It cuts the wind, while keeping me from overheating or getting cold from sweat.

I prefer the Parka over the Jacket for colder weather for the extra protection and warmth the hood provides. The zip pockets are also perfect for stashing gloves or a balaclava in. For warmer conditions the Tachyon Jacket is an even lighter (1.4 oz) perfect backcountry piece. Either option pairs perfectly with the Dynamo Wind Pant for head to toe wind protection.

from Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson