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Merino Wool Plus Action Zip Neck Women's


Updated 05/08/17 (EST)

Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson Review and Recommendations

I am a huge fan of natural fabrics, especially Merino Wool. Merino is my favorite for the backcountry on cool weather days, as well as extended trips (front or backcountry). Merino is warm when it’s wet, feels good against the skin, and takes longer to develop a smell from daily wear. These factors make it a great go-to for a lot of different types of travel. One major drawback however is durability. 100% Merino does wear out much faster than synthetics.

Therefore, I was very pleased to find that Montbell now makes Merino Blend tops. I picked up the long sleeve Merino Wool Plus Action Zip Shirt and the short sleeve Merino Wool Plus Light T.

At 89% wool/11% Poleyester for the Plus Action Zip Shirt and 53%wool + 47% polyester for the Plus Light T, these shirts provide the comfortable feel, insulative properties, and the anti-stink that you’d get from a 100% version, but with the added benefit of being more durable and less expensive. I also put mine in the dryer on low (a no-no with most wool, including the care tags on these) and they didn’t shrink. But, it’s a risk...so be warned.

I found the fit on these to be true to size and very comfortable. Not restrictive at all. I wore them layered on cool weather days all across my spring road trip, where I traveled through spring in the deep south to the vestiges of winter in the upper Midwest and Northern Plains...and a lot in between. I wore them for both hiking and running; and was very pleased with their performance.

Since I wasn’t doing laundry often on the roadtrip, I ended up wearing these as travel pieces. They acquired odor faster than my 100% merino pieces, but I was still able to go 3-4 days of travel and hiking/running before they were in need of a wash.

The Merino Plus Light T was as light as my synthetic t-shirts, which makes it pretty desirable for trips where weight is a concern. As a mid-layer the Action Zip Neck was also a reasonably light enough piece (8oz).

from Heather "ANISH" Anderson