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Merino Wool Plus Light Hoodie Women's


Updated 03/30/23 (EST)

Merino Wool Plus Hoody Review: Lightweight warmth for high energy pursuits

Reviewed on Jan 6th, 2023

The Merion Wool Plus hoody is a simple, elegant, and extremely comfortable layer that is perfect for those who like to hike fast and build up a sweat, or just for those who tend to run a bit on the hot side yet need a lightweight insulative layer for colder days. It pairs perfectly with lightweight layering systems (I pack a synthetic base layer, a synthetic t-shirt, this hoody, and a down jacket for my peak bagging days, for example) and is light enough at 8 ounces to barely be felt in the pack, stashed away just in case it is ever needed. It’s warm, breezy, and feels right at home in just about every scenario, even hot summer months when I want a light layer, just in case. This just shows that a simple design and be an exceptional design with a huge range of uses, thus earning my highest possible rating.

from TreeLineBackpacker