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Cliff Light Pants Women's


Updated 05/08/17 (EST)

Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson Review and Recommendations

I’m already a huge fan of the Montbell Cliff Pant. It’s been my go to for bushwhacking, cold weather hiking, and mountaineering for over a year. This year Montbell is upping the game with the Cliff Light series.

I picked up a pair of the Cliff Light Knickers as well as the full length Cliff Light Pants for an upcoming trip around the country. I traveled through spring in the deep south to the vestiges of winter in the upper Midwest and Northern Plains...and a lot in between.

Depending on conditions I wore either the knickers or full length pant. I was impressed by their durability despite how light the fabric is (9 oz for the knickers, only an oz more for the pants). These are far superior for warm weather hiking than the original.

Both knickers and pants dried incredibly fast and were water repellent in drizzly conditions. Their 4-way stretch made them comfortable for scrambling, as well as clearing obstacles on trail such as downed trees.

I appreciated the hip pockets as well as the zippered rear pocket. They sit at the waist with a built in belt which keeps them from riding down during the day. Keep in mind that as with a lot of Montbell clothing things tend to run small. Be sure to check the sizing chart against your measurements before buying. If in doubt, I recommend sizing up for the Cliff Light bottoms.

The one complaint I have about these is that you’re not supposed to put them in the dryer. That’s a major hassle when on a long distance hike. FWIW, I did put mine in the dryer to see if it could be done...on very low heat. They seemed to fit about the same afterward, but your results may vary, so keep that in mind!

from Heather "ANISH" Anderson