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Superior Down Trail Skirt


Updated 12/28/18 (EST)

Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson Review and Recommendations

Reviewed in December 2018

The Superior Down Trail Skirt has several of the same great features of the updated Thermawrap Trail Skirt (which has synthetic insulation). I wear both for different activities. The Superior Down Trail Skirt has a wide, soft stretch waistband which sits comfortably at the waist without bunching, binding or otherwise being annoying as some waistbands are. This same stretch CLIMAPLUS fleece is used for the side panels which allow for great range of motion in a slim fit skirt.

I love the Superior Down Trail Skirt for very cold conditions or less active outdoor activities (low-intensity hiking, skiing, camping, etc) so that the down itself doesn’t get damp. (More active applications call for the Thermawrap). At 4.2 oz and with 800 Fill Ex down, this skirt is perfect over tights by day and unnoticeable carried in a pack for use in camp. The right-side zip pocket is large enough to hold a pair of mittens or hat and secure enough for a wallet and keys. It’s also a great place to stash a couple of snacks for an easy day trip.

from Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson

Gear Review: Montbell Superior Down Trail Skirt

Review Date: DECEMBER 18TH,2018

I love hiking in skirts, but before now it’s always been a warm weather endeavor for me. With its serious warmth, the Montbell Superior Down Trail Skirt is a perfect skirt for hiking in cold winter weather. For a slightly less toasty insulated skirt on those chilly-but-not-freezing hikes, check out my review of the Thermawrap Trail Skirt.

Aside from taking this skirt on plenty of mountain hikes in cold weather, I also took it out for an overnight trip so I could compare how warm it was with or without physical activity as well as in the colder nighttime temperatures.

At $79, this is an expensive skirt. However, considering it is made with high-quality down, the price tag is reasonable. Plus, it’s a great piece of gear to add to your winter ultralight hiking kit. For winter-season hiking, this is a comfortable, warm, functional skirt. I have to give a shout-out that it doesn’t come in the standard “girl” colors of teal or purple, instead just “normal” navy blue or black, and I really like the navy. In fact, this skirt is now my go-to for hiking when the weather really gets cold!