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Down Hugger 800 #1


Updated 06/18/19 (EST)


Reviewed in Jun, 2019

Montbell nutzt mit schräg verlaufenden Kammern den Stretch in der Diagonalen von Nylonstoffen. Dadurch schmiegt sich der Downhugger um den Körper wie kein anderer Schlafsack – ohne einzuengen!

Montbell uses the diagonal stretch of nylon fabrics with slanted chambers. As a result, the Down Hugger nestles around the body like no other sleeping bag - without being too tight!

from outdoor magazin (July issue)

14 Best Ultralight Backpacking Sleeping Bags for 2018

Reviewed on March 2018

We tested the Down Hugger 800 #1 and loved it. While this bag is one of the more expensive bags on the list, it is also one of the most quality. Opting for a little more bells and whistles than other more minimalist quilts, the Down Hugger does an extremely good job at what a sleeping bag is meant to do... insulate.

Over half of the weight of the bag is the down filling itself (570 of the 1011 grams). It also comes complete with a neck baffle and insulated draft tubes and extremely smooth zippers. Its these little extras that give the Down Hugger an edge over other bags. The mummy head and tapered bottom will ensure you maximize heat efficiency. The fabric has a slight stretch to it that makes adjusting sleeping positions very easy to do in the middle of the night. Be sure to checkout the Down Hugger 900 as well which weighs in at a scant 1 lb 8 oz.

from Greenbelly.co


Reviewed January 18th, 2018

The Down Hugger 800 #1, while a little long winded in name, is a great sleeping bag. Where most sleeping bags widen out to create more room for the sleeper, which creates cold spots and more air to heat up, the Hugger simply molds and flexes with the sleeper, maximizing warmth and comfort by keeping the bag as close as possible. The stretchy, twisting baffles create some of the most leak free seams I’ve ever tested, and the attention to detail with the full draft collars, tucked away cinches, and padded zippers help to push the bag into another league. It’s easy to justify such a lightweight bag on even the longest of winter trips, and the warmth it provides allows it to be used well below freezing, without sacrificing comfort or safety. It’s exceptionally comfortable, holds up great, and looks fantastic. It’s basically, everything I want out of a sleeping bag. For these reasons, I can’t hesitate to give it my highest possible rating.

The highest of recommendations


Gear Institute

Reviewed Mar. 2016

Gear Intitute featured the Down Hugger 800 #1 in a review on their website. Here's what they had to say.

"With its 800-fill down and excellent loft, the Down Hugger 800 #1 is a super warm bag with an excellent warmth to weight ratio. The bag was roomy and yet users did not experience draft problems or cold spots."

from Gear Institute

Gear Institue: Best in Class 2016

Reviewed in Novemeber 2016

The Gear Institute has chosen the Down Hugger 800 #1 as the Best in Class for sleeping bags in the 11°-30°F range. Reviewer Dan Nash tested sleepings bags in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. Nash tested the bags for 10-20 days, on and off trail, in a variety of weather conditions. Nash rated the bags based on compressibility, warmth, overall comfort, durability and extras. "Montbell’s Down Hugger #1 is a warm and compressible bag that incorporates Montbell’s spiral stretch making the bag very flexible and comfortable."

from Gear Institute