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Down Hugger 800 #3


Updated 06/17/19 (EST)

The Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags for 2019

Review Date: Jun 18,2019

The Montbell Down Hugger 800 #3 is the least expensive bag of our picks at $319, and has some unique features that will appeal to side sleepers, tossers-and-turners, and people who sleep in a ball. Montbell is a Japanese brand known for high quality, lightweight gear, and is the ubiquitous hiking/camping store in Japan much like REI is in the US. We liked that the Down Hugger is among the lightest weight bags we considered at 24oz. But what convinced us this bag is a winner is the comfort associated with its Spiral Stretch sewing system.

What makes the Montbell 800 #3 bag so unique is its construction. The baffles are sewn on a bias, known as Montbell’s patented “Super Spiral Stretch System.” This tailor’s trick makes the bag feel stretchy and allows users to sprawl out, freely bending their knees or elbows. Reviewers of any of Montbell’s Spiral Stretch sleeping bag models rave about the unparalleled comfort it provides. Aside from a sleeping quilt, the Montbell Spiral Stretch is the best bag for side sleepers, tossers-and-turners, and people who like to sleep in a ball. The Spiral Stretch is far more comfortable and less restrictive than other bags we’ve tested.

We hiked the 500-mile Colorado Trail with the Montbell 800 #3 and found the fabric incredibly soft. Unlike other bags, Montbell’s proprietary shell fabric doesn’t feel like a sleeping bag shell but more like bedsheets. The down is also quite soft, though not as poofy as the other bags we considered (likely because it’s a 30F bag vs. a 15F bag).

The one downside with the Montbell Down Hugger 800 #3 is the temperature rating. Marketed as a 30F bag, it has an EN Comfort Rating of 40F and Lower Limit of 31F. It’s not as warm as other bags on our list. However, the Down Hugger #3 still makes a solid summer bag in most areas. and is reasonably priced. Plus, reviews reported excellent customer service including multiple references to free zipper repair on Montbell items that had already seen many seasons.

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