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Down Hugger 900 #5


Updated 01/17/17 (EST)

TheTrek.co reviews the Down Hugger 900 #5

Reviewed on December 18, 2016

The Trek (formerly Appalician Trials.com) featured the Down Hugger 900 #5 in a review. Here's what reviewr Dylan Niknot had to say.

"The weight and volume of this sleeping bag are a huge selling point. Just about the size of a water bottle and only 1 pound of weight. The shell is treated with Polkatex to protect the insulation from light moisture. 900 FP down is used for insulation. The bag was surprisingly warm for the rating. I was very comfortable in this bag below the 46 degree comfort rating. I know we had nights in the middle and upper 30’s and I slept perfectly. I move around a lot in my sleep and never had issues with the bag limiting my movements. My knees never hit a stopping point of stretch like most mummy bags have. I simply loved this bag."

from TheTrek.co