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Convertible Rain Pants


Updated 11/17/16 (EST)

Appalachian Trials

Reviewed on May 3rd, 2016

Dylan Niknot, gear reviewer for Appalachiantrials.com, recently reviewed the Convertible Rain Pants. He brought the pants with him on his 2016 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. Read what he has to say!

"They quickly became one of my most used items in my thru hike gear list. If the point is to stay dry while hiking through the rain these convertable pants are the answer to the problem. Shorts allow you to have protection and ventilation. But with the added lower portion they also keep you dry while at camp and warm during colder windy days. I can’t speak their praises enough. They have earned themselves a permanent spot on my gear list."

from Appalachiantrials.com

Trail and Ultra Running

Reviewed on November 10th, 2016

Trail and Ultra Running reviewed a slew of Montbell Gear over the past couple of months. Find out what they have to say about Convertible Rain Jacket and Pants.

"The Convertible Rain Jacket and Pants by MontBell stay true to their slogan of “Light and Fast Outdoor Clothing and Equipment”. Weighing in at 6.1 oz for the Pants and 9.0 oz for the Jacket, and each stuffing into a 3”x3” pouch, they both offer hard shell rain protection while not taking much more room than a lightweight stash jacket. In addition they feature zip off arms and legs for those days when it’s too warm or you are moving too fast for full coverage, but it’s still important to keep the core dry.

I wore the jacket and pants while in torrential rain and sleet in pre-dawn hours, while chasing elk through thick underbrush (the rip-stop nylon is a little too noisy to effectively get close J), and while on tempo runs (with the arms and legs unzipped) in moderate precipitation. The Dry-Tech Ballistic Airlight Ripstop nylon kept me dry, I was able to move at a quick pace without overheating, and the material breathed extremely well. I have found my go-to rain gear for everything from multi-day back-packing trips to walking the dog. Great stuff!!"

from Trailandultrarunning.com

Appalachian Trials

Reveiwed on Aug. 5, 2016

Zach Davis featured the Convertible Rain Jacket and Pants on his website, Appalaciantrials.com. Read what he has to say about the Covertible Rain Jacket.

"Put simply, I believe Montbell’s Convertible Rain Jacket and Montbell’s Convertible Rain Pants would be a great choice of rain gear for a thru-hike. The range of temperature control in these pieces is its standout feature- and for those who use their rain gear as town clothes, the ability to pare down to short-sleeves and shorts isn’t something to be overlooked or undervalued. At $179 for the jacket and $99 for the pants, these pieces are priced in the moderate-to-high end relative to other popular rain gear." - Zach Davis

from Appalachiantrials.com