Ballistic Ultra

Extremely Strong

This nylon is of the highest level in the world, made using 66 nylon which is already extremely strong and durable. Using a special stretching process, the material is stretched to orient the polymer's molecules in the same direction, producing an even stronger and more durable material.

Dedication to reducing weight

In addition to the super strong 66 nylon fibers, we've also blended in hollow fibers to reduce weight without affecting strength or durability. Using hollow fibers allows us to reduce weight by 20% when compared to fibers of the same thickness.

Weaving for the ultimate performance

All fibers are delicately and precisely woven so the final material is uniform, producing an extremely durable material. Furthermore, this material also has excellent abrasion resistance because of its uniform, smooth nature.

Superior durability

Ballistic Ultra's tear strength is 3.6 limes stronger than standard nylon. II also has the same abrasion resistance as a nylon fabric with the same denier.