Breeze Dry-Tec

Breeze Dry-Tec is an innovative new Montbell waterproof/breathable material, and one of the only air-permeable waterproof fabrics available today.

Waterproof/breathable materials generally consist of a micro-porous laminate with a non-porous polyurethane coating. This means that all vapors that will pass through the fabric must first be absorbed by and passed through the polyurethane coating and then through the micro-porous laminate and out of the jacket.

With Breeze Dry-Tec, Montbell was able to manipulate the size and consistency of the pores, eliminating the non-porous coating and drastically increase the ventilation of the material. In fact, tests indicate that Breeze Dry-Tec is more than twice as breathable as many of its competitors while maintaining a high level of weatherproofing.