Gore Tex

GORE-TEX fabrics are perfect for highly aerobic sports that require the ultimate in waterproof / breathable technology. GORE-TEX fabrics are available in 3-layer and 2-layer constructions.

With a 3-layer construction, a fine nylon mesh is bonded to the interior surface of the garment to protect the GORE-TEX membrane from abrasion and dirt. With a 2-layer construction, a thin mesh or other fabric is sewn inside the garment but is not bonded to the GORE-TEX membrane.
GORE-TEX, GORE® and designs are trademarks of W.L. Gore & Associates.


The waterproof breathable membrane has been laminated to an extremely thin knitted fabric. Compared to traditional the tricot used by GORE-TEX the knitted backer in the C-Knit technology yields a fabric that is 15% more breathable and 10% lighter. The most noticeable improvement is the feel of the fabric. The first time you wear the jacket you will be struck by the soft hand and slight stretch of the fabric, which eliminates of crinkling and rustling normally associate with rain wear.


GORE-TEX PACLITE®III garments typically weigh 15 percent less than similar 3-layer GORE-TEX garments. And they're even more breathable than garments made with 2-layer GORE-TEX fabric and conventional linings.