merino wool plus

Wool fabric that has excellent warmth and is quick to dry

Wool on its own has the ability to trap large amounts of warm air, however once soaked dry times are lengthy. To optimize performance we have integrated polyester fibers on the interior layer of the fabric to disperse perspiration and speed evaporative drying.

High Thermal Performance

Fine gauge wool fibers keep you comfortable in summer by moving moisture away from your skin for evaporative cooling and warm in winter by creating many micro-pockets for body heat to congregate. You also see a thermal benefit from wool’s natural ability to create warmth through the phenomenon called “heat of sorption.”

Long Lasting Thermal Performance

Our “Natural Wash” treatment preserves the protective scales on individual wool fibers guaranteeing longevity of their natural thermal properties.

Simple To Care For

All Merino Wool garments can be washed at home. (Please use low temp’s, delicate wash, and mild detergent)