Merino Wool

Used in Montbell underwear, Merino Wool 200 is ultrasoft, durable, and machine washable. Carefully selected from extremely fine New Zealand wool, the average fiber is only 18.5 microns thick, so garments made from Merino Wool 200 feel comfortably soft next to your skin, not itchy.

Wool has an unsurpassed ability to retain heat, excels at moisture control, and is ideal for activities involving a lot of stop and go. When you work hard, wool cools you off by wicking moisture away from your skin. When you stop, wool keeps you warm as your body temperature decreases.

When wool fibers are cut normally, they contain scales, which hold moisture during washing and are the cause of shrinkage during drying. Montbell uses a special "scale cut" on our Merino Wool 200 to prevent shrinkage during washing, even in a washing machine. In addition, clothing made from Merino Wool 200 is resistant to surface pilling. And since the wool fibers are so flexible, Merino Wool 200 will last for years.