ZEO-LINE fabric combines the technology behind a super-antipilling polyester and an antibacterial polyester to create a high-quality, highly durable, protective layer that locks in warmth and keeps you dry.

Superior Wicking & Quick to Dry

Each fabric fiber is treated with a special wicking agent that pulls water and sweat away from your skin. Then, instead of storing this moisture, the fibers disperse it throughout the garment and move it to the surface where it can quickly evaporate.

Soft Hand & Comfortable Fit

During the knitting process for Zeo-line we utilize a highly crimped synthetic fiber with a "wooly" appearance to give the resulting fabric up to 200% greater elasticity. Zeo-Line fabric is composed of soft, densely knitted filaments to create a luxuriously soft hand. This dense fabric serves as a barrier to the elements and seals in body heat to keep you warm as temperatures fluctuate.

Static Electricity Resistant Material

By using Electron Deductive carbon fibers in the manufacturing process, the resulting fabric has the ability to reduce the positive charge placed on individual atoms during activity, thereby reducing the amount of static electricity build up.

Suppresses Bacteria and Odor

Permanent odor control begins with the battle against bacteria. Montbell adds a scientifically formulated catalytic agent directly to the polyester fibers before the knitting process to inhibit the growth of natural bacteria's from perspiration. This odor-control system has proven effective wash after wash.

Zeo-Line base layers come in three specific weights to accommodate a variety of temperature ranges and activity levels. Think of these as essential "building blocks& for your personal backcountry system.

Expedition & Middle weight

Featuring a three micro-layer knit structure, Expedition & Middle weight Zeo-Line features a layer of air between an exterior and an interior fabric. The layer closest to your skin pulls moisture away, spreads it out, and moves it to the outer layer for faster evaporation. This action allows the layer of air to maintain a more constant temperature. Most people enjoy the Expedition weight when involved in "stop & go" activities in cold weather, while the Middle weight base layer functions well for moderate exertion in cool to cold weather.

Light weight

Being a single layer knit, Light weight functions well in a wide range of exertion levels and temperatures. The uses of this "standard" weight garment are limited only by your imagination.

Ideal uses

Expedition : Cold-weather mountaineering / Ice climbing / Skiing / Snowboarding
Middle weight : Backcountry skiing & snowboarding / Mountaineering / Hiking / Climbing
Light weight : Trekking / Trail running / Cycling