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Meet Monta Bear!


Monta Bear was born and raised in Canada, where he first met Montbell CEO Tatsuno. In 2002 he moved to Japan to take up employment with the company. Since then, Monta Bear's offspring have been spreading their territory throughout Japan and abroad.

More than 100 Monta Bears in Japan!

Every store employs a Monta Bear, some even have two. Their numbers have swelled to over 100.

Wild Monta Bear

A few of Monta Bear's offspring have grown to 6'6" tall and take on a more lifelike look and stature when welcoming customers. (Dogs often bark out of the instinct to protect their owners.)

Adventures in America

In 2013, a Monta Bear was kidnapped from out front of the Montbell Boulder store. He was found later at a campground in the mountains.

In 2016 at the Portland store, a Monta Bear was stripped of his custom down vest. A man was caught wearing the garment around town a week later.

Meet Monta Bears!