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Multi Folding Table

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A table that can be compactly folded and adjusted using our original Hi-Low-Za System (patent application pending). The system refers to the 3 levels of adjustability according to your seating situation; use the highest setting for a camp chair, use the low setting for a chair that is lower on the ground and use the lowest setting when seated on the ground (Za refers to Zataku, a low table in Japan used when sitting on the floor). The frame contains aluminum alloy with excellent lightness and strength. It can be set up easily—just insert poles and extend. The reversible tabletop is made with durable materials that can withstand the elements. It fits two to four people.


BN (Brown)


Updated 06/18/24 10:35 (EST)

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  • BN (Brown)
  • BN (Brown)
  • BN (Brown)
  • Reversible table top
  • Stuff Sacks (Folding Table)

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  • Adjustable to three height levels
  • Reversible table top
  • Easy assembling
  • Packable


Weight95.6 oz (2710 g)
MaterialTable top: melamine resin
Frame: aluminum, nylon resin
Compressed size4.3 x 6.7 x 27.6 in (11 x 17 x 70 cm)
Country of originCHINA
OtherSize: W28 x D27.6 x H26.3(Hi)/ 21.2(Low) /15.4(Za) in (W71 x D70 x H67(Hi) /54(Low) /39(Za) cm)
Weight capacity: 66 lbs / 30 kg

Multi Folding Table