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Aluminum Buckle Web Belt

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Decorative 30 mm wide webbing belt with an aluminum alloy buckle. Simply cut it to the desired size with scissors and a lighter.



Updated 05/26/24 21:05 (EST)

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  • Aluminum alloy buckle
  • 43.3 in (110cm) long, 1.2 in (3cm) wide


Weight2.1 oz (60 g)
Material(#4, #5, #6) Polypropylene
(#7, #8, #9) Nylon
Buckle: 6061 Aluminum alloy
Country of originKOREA
Other110 cm long x 30 mm wide

If you'd like to trim excess length, measure how much of the belt you want to cut. Then carefully make your cut at an angle. Use a heat source (lighter or candle) to carefully melt the end of the cut end to prevent fraying. Don't hold the cut end over the flame for too long to prevent uneven melting and burn marks.