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Folding Fire Pit

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This folding fire pit is extremely easy to bring with you on outings. An efficient and high temperature burn is possible due to our original design. The fire pit and fire grate are made with stainless steel, making it very easy to maintain. Includes a grill for barbeques and a Cooker Stand (sold separately) can be used to in conjunction with a Dutch oven.




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Weight151.7 oz (4300 g)
MaterialBody: Stainless steel
Grill: Steel
Country of originJAPAN
OtherCompressed size: 42 × 5 × 30 cm
Size: H30 x W42 x D22 cm
Weight capacity: 20 kg
Stowed size: 42 × 5 × 30 cm
Grill, Fire grate and Stuff bag included

Image of secondary combustion


Features a double wall and deep shape to promote draft and secondary combustion. It allows for reduced smoke/emissions and consistent heat output without having to steadily feed the fire.

Draft and Secondary Combustion


When the fuel is ignited, fresh air is pulled in through vents (air intake for primary combustion) and starts the process of combustion. This process is called primary combustion.

When the combustion chamber reaches a high enough temperature, draft will occur and create a steady, continuous burn.Draft is where the air pressure difference causes new air to continuously be drawn to the fire.

When air drawn in through the vents (air intake for secondary combustion) mixes with the gases and particles that primary combustion was not able to burn, the high temperature causes a secondary combustion.

Secondary combustion is occurring and the fire is burning efficiently (no smoke and less particles) when you see flames coming out of the vents (air out for secondary combustion).

Secondary combustion occurs when the combustion chamber is at a high, steady temperature.