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Compact Camera Case L

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This camera case is made with chloroprene rubber, a material that has excellent cushioning, stretching properties, and also boasts a high level of durability. The plastic clip on the back of the case can be attached to a belt and the included attachment can be used to fix the shoulder harness to a backpack's shoulder harnesses. Also includes a leash for preventing accidentally dropping your camera. *We recommend check that the Camera Case can be properly attached to your backpack's shoulder harness before using in the outdoors. May not be possible to attach securely depending on the shape of your backpack's shoulder harnesses.


BK (Black)



Updated 01/18/20 13:15 (EST)


Weight1.6 oz. (45 g)
Fabric3mm Neoprene
Country of originVIETNAM
OtherSize: W10 x H13 cm

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