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Montbell Climbing Selection

Well it's almost that time of year. Decorative gourds, pumpkin spice lattes and the crisp smell of fallen leaves. More importantly, cooler weather. Autumn is arguably the best season to be climbing in. However, autumn climbing means being prepared for when temperatures dip. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being stuck on belay in the shade with only a t-shirt to keep you warm.

These are lightweight essentials for adapting to temps in early fall. The Crag Jacket is our stretchy softshell that shines in conditions where breathability, flexibility and abrasion resistance are paramount. We envision climbing in the Crag Jacket in mild conditions. For the belay, it’s time to break out the Frost Smoke Parka. Although it may be a little heavy, the warmth provided and double zipper will definitely have you thanking you brought it with you on multi pitch climbs. Merino Wool Plus Light T is a solid base layer. Depending on how warm it is, you can wear it by itself or pair it with a fleece or a softshell like the Crag Jacket. The Cliff Light Pants will keep you comfortable while climbing during this season due to their thin nature (which allows them to breathe and release heat) and 4-way stretch (won't hinder mobility when reaching out for that next hold).

The Merino Wool Plus Action Zip Neck combined with the Trail Action are going to be a great combo when climbing in chilly conditions. Depending on how warm or cold it gets you can adjust your layers accordingly. The Snow Banshee Hoodie is a wind resistant mid-weight softshell that is great for layering when weather starts to turn sour. And if you happen to be climbing very hard when weather conditions change again, the large pitzips will be essential for continuing your objective in comfort. The Thermawrap Guide is a great synthetic layer for the belay. If bouldering is more your style, the Thermawrap Classic and Thermawrap Trail Skirt are nice for having a little bit of warmth when waiting for your next turn on the project. The Climapro Watch Cap is just a great wind resistant beanie.

Montbell also makes some climbing specific gear and some gear that can be utilized for climbing. Belay Gloves and Chalk Bag are self-explanatory. The Gear Container series is great for hauling your gear to the crag. The Ridge Line Pack is made of an extremely durable fabric that will definitely stand up to the rigors of multi pitch climbing and hauling climbing gear all over the place.