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Product Profile #01 PLASMA 1000 DOWN JACKET


enthusiasts, no matter the generation, have always had two things on their mind. Backpack weight and backpack space. To meet these needs Montbell introduced the

Plasma 1000 Down Jacket

, a jacket that weighs next to nothing and fits into the palm of your hand. The

Plasma 1000 Down Jacket

has raised the bar and broken our own record for world's lightest down jacket*, reducing the jacket's weight to a mere

4.8 ounces

. When stored in its stuff sack, it only takes

less room than a 16 ounce water bottle

worth of space.


The excellent warmth to weight ratio of 1000 fill power down allowed us to reduce weight the most. “Fill power” (or loft) refers to the amount of air trapped in a down ball. This “dead air” acts as an insulating layer. With almost twice the amount of dead air as 550 fill power down, half the amount of down can be used to achieve similar warmth.


Redesigning our quilting pattern also helped reduce weight. Quilting is very important to prevent down from settling, however, if the pattern is too elaborate, down won't be able to loft properly which creates cold spots. This innovative quilting pattern prevents down from settling and reduces cold spots but only uses half the amount of thread as our normal quilting pattern.


Utilizing a high quality down, the weight of the fabric is also a key factor to allow the down clusters to fully expand. If the fabric is too heavy, it will compress the down clusters. This compression causes the down clusters to temporarily release their dead air. 7 denier “Ballistic Airlight” is a fabric so thin and light, down clusters have no problem maintaining their loft. Montbell downproofs all of our products. “Downproofing” is the process of using heat and pressure to eliminate spaces between fibers. However, if an airtight seal is made, down won't be able to regain its loft after it has been compressed. We downproof our products to keep the down where it belongs and still maintain their breathability.

In addition

to quilting techniques and fabric choices, other factors can also affect how down maintains its loft. When down becomes soiled by sweat and dirt, individual strands of the down become stuck together, causing down balls to lose their dead air. Without dead air, the down loses its ability to insulate. We design all our down products so they

can be washed at home

. Washing frees down, restoring its insulating properties. We invite you to experience the incredible weightlessness and warmth of the

Plasma 1000!