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Ultralight Hiking Collection

Update your hiking gear list with Montbell’s wide selection of “Light & Fast” products!

From state-of-the-art down jackets and sleeping bags, to innovative rain gear and everything in between, these are the painstakingly crafted pieces that define who we are, and what it means to hit the trail ultralight.

The rain shells below are what we recommend to users looking to lighten their load. For more experienced ultralight hikers that understand that extremely lightweight technical materials require special care and attention during use, we recommend the Versalite and the Torrent Shell. The higher level of durability that the Storm Cruiser provides makes it our #1 recommendation for people just starting to make a foray into ultralight.

If you've read our article about Down Fill Power (and if you haven't go read it now!), you understand that fill power doesn't relate directly to warmth. Meaning, just because it is 1000 fill powder doesn't make it magically warm. Out of the garments below, the Plasma 1000 Jacket, Superior Down and Ex Light Anorak provide roughly the same amount of warmth. Equivalent to a nice warm sweater. If you are expecting cooler conditions or run cold, the Plasma 1000 Alpine and the Ignis are better choices from a warmth perspective.

One way to reduce weight is to pack a windshell (or "wind shirt") as a breathable weather-resistant replacement for a traditional mid-layering piece. When worn as your outermost layer or over your favorite baselayer, a wind shell will block ridge-top winds and misty precipitation in a way that a wool or ultralight synthetic fleece can't. On top of that, at nearly one-sixth the weight of a traditional mid-layer, wind shells like our Tachyon Parka are so light that the most diligent gram-counter will raise an eyebrow.

Wool is a great option for daily usage on multiday trips due to its natural abilities to fight odor. Our Cool series products provide a measure of protection from the sun, but the true benefit of these mesh tops are their wicking and quick-drying properties, great for staying cool in warmer weather.

Mirroring the previous category, wool's natural abilities at fighting odors make it great for something you are going to wear everyday. Our Zeo-Line baselayers are made with polyester, which has been treated with a wicking agent to promote moving moisture away from your skin and drying quickly. Another bonus of Zeo-Line's quick-drying properties is the ability to wash it everyday and have it dry and ready to wear the next morning.

Lightweight sun protection and cold protection. What more is there to say?

We have a variety of options for sleeping. Our sleeping bags are well known for the comfort they provide in a lightweight, compact package. Our Down Sleeping Wrap #2 Long, is a great option for people that prefer the weight and space saving benefits of a quilt. Pair it with the Down Balaclava and you are ready for a good night's sleep. And for those of you truly adventurous, the Light Weight Tarp Wide is a very lightweight option for shelter that can be configured into a variety of setups.

These lightweight packs have two things in common. 1. They are extremely weather resistant. 2. Their streamlined design has reduced as much weight as possible. This combination makes the Storm Pack great for overnight excursions and the Alpine Packs well suited for multi-day trips.

Just because you are going ultralight doesn't mean you need to leave essential items at home all together. Just use these lightweight versions of items you may already have that are heavier. Lots of little reductions in weight add up!