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Down Hugger 900

Amazingly light, yet incredibly warm. The Down Hugger 900 series.

Utilizes premium down and incredible stretch for unsurpassed comfort and versatility.

Every time you move or shift positions in your sleeping bag, the warm air trapped in the spaces between you and the sleeping bag also move, creating a draft. The problem: eliminate the amount of space between you and the sleeping bag, without making the sleeping bag too tight. The solution: make a sleeping bag that stretches. This way the sleeping bag lightly hugs you, eliminating spaces where drafts can occur but also stretches when you move around.

Premium 900 fill power down

The warmth of a sleeping bag is determined by how much air the insulation is able to trap, which is proportional to the amount of insulation. The more down or synthetic insulation used, the warmer the sleeping bag becomes. But this also makes the sleeping bag heavier.
To address this dilemma, the Down Hugger 900 series utilizes premium 900 fill power goose down, which has larger down balls when compared to lower quality down. This means that superior warmth retention can be attained using less down insulation. Premium down also has better lofting properties and recovers better after compression. 900 fill power down has allowed us to create an incredibly lightweight and compact sleeping bag without sacrificing warmth retention.

About fill power:
Fill power refers to the volume in cubic inches that 1 ounce of down will displace. All other things being equal (fabric, construction method, and fill amount), a product made with high fill power down (900) is lighter and more compressible than an equally warm one made with lower quality down (550).

Ballistic Airlight: ultralight yet excellent abrasion resistance

Ballistic Airlight is a nylon that is ultra thin and ultra lightweight, yet has incredible abrasion resistance. Because each individual fiber is tightly woven to create a fine, supple fabric, it doesn't hinder the down's ability to loft freely. In addition, the fibers used to make the Down Hugger 900 series are crimped to provide excellent stretch and feel comfortable against the skin.

About denier:
Denier is the weight of a 9,000m long thread, and in practical terms, it is a good equivalent of thickness. A thread of 1-denier would weigh 1 gram. The lower number the denier, the thinner and more fine the thread.

POLKATEX: World class water repellent

Compared to standard water repellents, POLKATEX is world class water repellent due to its lasting durability. POLKATEX not only repells light rain easily, it also has oil repelling properties making it resistant to staining as well. Montbell's original application technique prevents POLKATEX from peeling off due to abrasion or washing, two of the most common reasons a standard water repellent will wear down over time.

Super Spiral Stretch System: providing a good night's sleep since 2010

Bias Stretch and Elastic stitching for unparallelled movement

Montbell has adapted a classic tailor’s trick by integrating a woven fabric “cut on the bias”. By orienting the fabric’s warp and weft threads at 45 degrees to most major seam lines the sleeping bag becomes more fluid or elastic in nature. Additionally, to create an even more comfortable system we utilize an elastic stitch technique to create small “gathers” in the quilting.

The strategic seam orientation and these elasticized gathers offer unrivaled fit and comfort. These gathers in the quilting are what draw the insulation closer to your body and minimize drafty dead spaces. The greatest benefit to using elasticized sewing lines would be the “stretchy” nature of the baffles. These flexible baffles allow our sleeping bags to move with you as you change positions throughout the night.

Premium down + ultra thin, lightweight materials = extremely compact

Tapered Spiral Stuff Sack: simple, easy compression

Utilizies the same bias cut fabric used for our Spiral Stretch System. Because the fabric stretches, it's possible to alter the shape of the sleeping bag to some degree so it fits in the available space of your backpack. The opening to the stuff sack is wider to enable easier stuffing.
*A cotton storage sack is included with all of Montbell's down sleeping bags for storing the bag long term uncompressed. Storing down sleeping bags uncompressed in the cotton sack prevents the down from losing its lofting abilities.

Features that improve comfort

Down Hugger 900 series

Montbell Sleeping Bags

The Super Spiral Stretch Series

What is EN 13537?

The European Norm (EN) is a test designed and performed by an independent third party that seeks to standardize the way temperature ratings or thermal guidelines are established for sleeping bags.

Down Sourcing

At Montbell, we source down from both the European and Chinese markets to satisfy a variety of characteristics (supply/availability, low cost, consistent quality, humane practices, etc.) and maintain our lofty standards. Every season we seek to balance the superior quality for which we are known and the lowest possible raw materials cost. We change down sourcing companies frequently to insure that our customers have access to superior products at the lowest price possible. In the course of these efforts, Montbell never purchases down from operations that practice “live-plucking” methods. We only utilize down plumes and feathers collected as a by-product of water fowl raised to meet the demands of the food industry.

We will continue to look for sources of down that maximize value to our customers and allow Montbell products to perform at the highest level.

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