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Rain Wear Guide

Having a comfortable piece of rain wear is imperative for enjoying the outdoors.

When clothing gets wet, either from rain or condensation from sweat, it's not only uncomfortable but also a very serious issue, sapping the body of its warmth and strength, a dangerous condition better known as "hypothermia." This is why Montbell uses GORE-TEX FABRICS and Montbell's proprietory DRYTEC fabric in our rainwear. Using these two materials, we developed a wide range of products that not only allow you to comfortably enjoy the outdoors, but have the ability to protect you from the elements and move moisture outside of the garment.


The world's most waterproof/breathable membrane. This material performs extremely well in a wide variety of conditions.


Montbell's originally developed waterproof/breathable membrane.


Denier is the weight of a 9,000m long thread, and in practical terms it is a good equivalent of thickness. A thread of 1-denier would weigh 1 gram. The higher the denier the thicker the thread becomes and in turn has stronger abrasion and tear resistance. Thicker threads are commonly used for reinforcing areas that are exposed to friction, like edge guards. On the other hand, materials that are made with thinner denier threads feel smoother and are better suited towards clothing.

3-layer, 2.5-layer, and 2-layer products. What's the difference?

Waterproof fabrics all share a common trait of being made with a waterproof membrane. Since the membrane is delicate and easily damaged, it is usually laminated to layers of fabric for protection. For example, a 3-layer fabric is made by laminating a membrane to an outer and inner layer of fabric. This sandwich of outer fabric, membrane, and inner fabric give the materials its 3-layer name. As its name would suggest, a 2-layer fabric is made by laminating the membrane to only an outer fabric. Although lightweight, this comes with a tradeoff of exposing the membrane. Montbell products made with 2-layer fabrics receive a special coating on the inside of the product or are lined with mesh or taffeta to protect the membrane. On the other hand, 2.5-layer fabric is made by laminating the membrane to an outer layer of fabric and then the membrane receives a special dot-print coating that protects the membrane and prevents it from coming into contact with skin or your clothing. It's not quite a 2-layer and isn't quite a 3-layer, hence the 2.5.

How to read the charts:

A: Water Resistance

ability to resist pressure from external moisture trying to permeate into a material.

B: Fabric Strength

ability of the fabric to resist tearing and abrasion.

C: Features

comparison of the amount of features that make wearing the jacket more comfortable. For specific information on features, see each model's webpage.

D: Breathability

ability to release built up water vapor

E: Light Weight

how light the jacket is.

The Storm Cruiser Jacket utilizes GORE C-Knit Backer Technology, making it supple, quieter, and far more comfortable than our previous Storm Cruiser models. With features like a 3-way adjustable hood, well placed pit zips, and alpine cuffs, the Storm Cruiser enables you to adjust on the fly for changing conditions. Weather resistant zippered pockets help keep valuables dry, secure, and at hand. Being low in bulk and extremely packable this parka is ideal for everyone from the seasoned backpacker to the world traveler.

By combining 2.5 layer Paclite® technology, lightweight 12 denier nylon, and holding true to a "no frills" design ethic, we are able to bring a sub 9 ounce GORE-TEX® rain shell to market. The Torrent Flier Jacket offers generous pit zips and simple cuff and hem adjustability. This one pocket, semi-fitted piece is great for the old school minimalist who revels in the quest for backcountry solitude.

The fully seam taped Versalite Jacket and Pants have a combined weight of less than 11 ounces. We were able to create these truly ultralight waterproof/breathable garments keeping a clean and simple design, without skimping on features. An adjustable hood, hem, and cuffs let you tweak the fit on the fly, while pit zips afford extra ventilation when needed. This is necessary gear for those that prize staying dry, shaving grams, and saving pack space.

The Peak Shell is a lightweight, packable, wet weather stalwart. Designed with a semi-athletic cut to make layering in 3 seasons effortless, this rain jacket offers wilderness enthusiasts a versatile option when trying to “dial in” their system. Fully featured with 3 layer comfort, the Peak Shell is at home trekking internationally, weekend backpacking, or on a day hike after work.

This concept rain shell is lightweight, packable, versatile wet weather protection. The Convertible Rain Jacket is designed with a semi-athletic cut and removable sleeves to make personalized layering systems more easily achievable. With this item we offer hikers, backpackers, fast packers, and trail runners unique flexibility when dealing with variable temperatures and precipitation. Simple and streamlined we have focused on a few essential features in an effort to maximize comfort and minimize garment weight.

The well appointed and value oriented Thunder Pass Jacket is cut full for effective layering and offers all of the basic features seasoned travelers require. Ample pit zips and mesh lined hand pockets address any ventilation issues, while fully adjustable cuffs, hem, and hood keep you in comfort. Updated for 2014 with a lighter, softer, quieter fabric this seam taped hard shell has you prepared for adventure: urban or backcountry.

Fully seam taped, feature rich, and light in weight, the Rain Trekker Series is our most breathable and water resistant rain gear made with DRYTEC. Offering a nice blend of durability and compressibility, the 40-denier face fabric is a lightweight material that capitalizes on tenacious rip stop heritage. Fully adjustable and cut for layering these garments make dealing with foul weather seem less miserable and more like a personal growth experience.

Stretch Rain Full Zip Pants

These rain pants feature STRETCH DRY-TEC™, our proprietary waterproof breathable fabric with amazing stretch. These pants aren't restrictive, letting you move smoothly and with ease. Traditional rainwear lacks the smoothness of movement you need when engaging in intense physical activity -- now that’s never an issue. A clean silhouette and full length side zips, among other features, bring a wide range of functionality. Read the review

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