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Bathroom Etiquette in the Outdoors

As a group, we outdoor enthusiasts have devised a code of etiquette that guides our behavior in the outdoors. Reducing human impact on the environment is at the forefront of this code. While some of the code may be well known or just plain common sense, such as picking up after yourself, there are some concepts or things that people may have a hard time finding information on or may be embarrassed to ask. If you are going to enjoy the outdoors, you owe it to yourself to understand how your actions can impact the environment and also how you can take steps to minimize those impacts. One on Montbell’s Seven Missions is protecting the environment, so we find it especially important to educate others regarding ways we can individually take to limit our impact on the environment.

Handy Scoop

Lightweight, strong, and handy!
This lightweight trowel will help you get the job done.

O.D. Roll Paper Kit

Set of carrying case and water soluble toilet paper.
Case can be hung around the neck and used as shown in the illustration. The case's flap has a pocket for holding a lighter or other small items. The wrapping and roll of paper are water soluble.

※For replacement rolls of paper, purchase "O.D. Roll Paper"

O.D. Pocket Tissue Kit

This simple solution to a common problem can be stored in your pack or worn on your arm for convenient access at critical times.

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Lightweight, compact for easy portability.
Includes a water-absorbing polymer that dehydrates solid wastes within 1 minute.
Includes a waste storage bag with two seals for containing odors.

*Three pack set also available "O.D. Toilet Kit Set"

O.D. Garbage Bag 4L

The garbage bag can be stowed easiily inside your backpack or can attach easily to the outside when full. Use it to pick up your trash or to pick up any litter that others unfortunately left behind.

Pop-up Blind

A pop-up tent that can be set up and taken down quickly. Perfect for outdoor events, tours or in times of natural disasters. It is also the perfect size to be combined with an O.D. toilet seat and used as a temporary restroom.