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Montbell’s Umbrella Lineup

As a brand born in Japan, where frequent rains and hot weather are commonplace, Montbell knows umbrellas. Our first model was introduced in 1987. At the time, lightweight folding umbrellas with six ribs were standard and were ill-suited for use in the mountains where the elements can be more severe. To address this problem we adopted an eight-rib design that used high-performance nylon resin to boost durability and strength, and incorporated the use of Ballistic Airlight nylon, which is lighter yet more robust than conventional fabric. As a result, an extremely lightweight and compact yet highly resilient product was created. Since then, we’ve continued to take these time-honored mobile rain shelters and adapt them into a versatile lineup that excels in both the backcountry and during the daily commute.

Over the years, our lineup of outdoor-ready umbrellas has continued to expand to respond to any and all activities. Looking for extra coverage over your backpack while hiking? The Long Tail Trekking Umbrella was developed to do just that. Or, maybe it's one of those days where the weather can't make up its mind between rain or shine? Differing from our folding umbrellas, the O.D. model is like a classic umbrella, opening and closing quickly and easily while also fitting into the side pocket of a backpack. For those who enjoy bird watching and nature observation, blending in with camouflage will be key and the Print Trekking Umbrella is a great option.

Want to stay dry and visible? Ensure both with the Reflec Trekking Umbrella 55. The pattern is printed with ink containing numerous highly reflective glass beads to make the user visible and enhance their safety while around traffic at night.

Building on our tradition of innovation, we created an ultralight, ultra-packable lineup of umbrellas ready for travel and daily use. The Travel Umbrellas feature a 2-step folding construction made with six carbon ribs and a UL polyester canopy, folding up into a miniscule size that will always find space inside of whatever bag you have while traveling.

Popularized by thru-hiking and fast-packing die-hards, the Sun Block Umbrella 55 is a trail-proven shield for any summer activity. Featuring eight carbon ribs and reflective exterior fabric, it provides unmatched breathability and solar protection in the hottest of trail environments. For sun protection while around town and traveling, turn to the Travel Sun Block Umbrella with its thinner canopy and six rib construction.

Our latest models utilize a hydrophobic polyester canopy that sheds rain to stay taut and lightweight, helping you stay dry and light while out on rainy trails. (*The Reflec Trekking Umbrella 55 utilizes a nylon canopy.)

From the heart of the city to the depths of the mountains, Montbell offers the perfect umbrella for any situation. With it stashed conveniently in your pack, hand bag, or glovebox you might even look forward to the next time it rains.

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