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Japanese TENUGUI towels

The Japanese word Tenugui translates into English as "hand towel", but these versatile towels do much, much more! Having a long history in Japan, these days they are used for everything from drying off the body to wrapping gifts. Made using traditional methods, these towels serve some pretty neat purposes that are also perfect for the outdoors.

Tenugui are made with lightweight cotton. So what separates one from a standard cotton towel or handkerchief? The edges are left purposefully unhemmed. Because there are no sewn areas on the edges for moisture to accumulate on, Tenugui dry extremely quickly even though they are made of cotton. This makes one great for wiping away sweat during a bike ride, or drying off after a swim in the lake. You can even soak one with cold water to wrap around your neck for some extra comfort on a hot summer hike.

After washing the first couple times, the edges may start to fray. However, the fraying stops and the loose edges can be trimmed. Part of the enjoyment of owning a Tenugui is "breaking it in." The more you use it, the more the fraying will settle down and the softer it will start to feel.

Another unique and visually appealing aspect that separates Tenugui from a typical hand towel is their beautiful designs. We use the traditional Japanese CHUSEN technique to dye the threads, leaving outdoor inspired motifs on both sides of the fabric. Because our Tenugui are dyed by hand, each one is unique, even if they share the same basic pattern. Use them to hang in your house, make your pack stand out, or put on your Multi Folding Table as a decorative place mat.

Whether you're using one to dry your hands at work, or it's tucked into your backpack while enjoying a hike, discover the versatility of the traditional Japanese Tenugui.