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Rain Trekker Jacket Men's


Updated 11/09/18 (EST)

Gear Review: Montbell Rain Trekker jacket

Review Date: Nov 8,2018

A sub-10oz (for a Men’s Medium) three-layer jacket using Montbell’s GoreTex-like DRY-TEC membrane. The raw specs are a Water Pressure Resistance (WPR) of over 20,000mm and breathability of 20,000g/㎡ ·24 hrs per the Montbell website. As we are comparing jackets made by the same company, the water resistance is comparable to the Versalite at Water Pressure Resistance (WPR) of over 30,000mm but not quite as breathable versus the 43,000g/㎡ ·24 hrs of the Versalite.

But what does this all mean in the real world? Well, fabric membrane aside, a three-layer jacket tends to have longer-term water resistance for the life of jacket overall vs. a 2 or 2.5 layer jacket.

And though the Trekker does not breathe as well as the lighter Versalite, the conditions I typically use this type of jacket is colder in general compared to my use of a lighter rain jacket. In other words, I am not generating as much heat as the prime season conditions where I’d use the Versalite. And like the Versalite, the Trekker has generous pit zips that allow for effective ventilation vs. just a straight laminate and fabric breathability solution.

And speaking of long-term durability, that aspect is key for my favorite use of this type of jacket. I feel much more comfortable taking the Trekker while clambering through the brush, scrambling over rocks, and other types of similar terrain in comparison to the Versalite.

In addition to the durability, lightweight, and ventilation provided by the pit zips, the Montbell Rain Trekker has the usual features and attention to detail typical of Montbell products. Meaning, Velcro vs. elastic cuffs, an adjustable hood that fits well with a stiff brim, and an excellent fit overall.

Overall view: The Montbell Rain Trekker is a reasonably light jacket at just under 10oz with generous pit zips that aids in breathability. A jacket best suited for colder and constant rainy conditions or extended use when bushwhacking or in rough terrain, but light enough to stow in the pack. An excellent “quiver of one” rainjacket for 3+ season conditions that competes price-wise to similarly high-quality jackets.

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Reviewed on August 16,2018

The Rain Trekker from Montbell is a lightweight, 10 ounce, 3-layer rain jacket that utilizes their proprietary DRY-TEK waterproofing technology. With huge pit zips and a breathable design, it’s a breezy, sturdy layer of protection.

Starting with the build, the jacket uses DRY-TEK throughout the entire jacket. This is a thin, lightweight 3-layer material that features a dedicated waterproof membrane, the base fabric, a polyurethane layer, and a DWR finish. The jacket features two 16.5″ pit zips, two rib-level 9″ hand pockets, an adjustable hood, waist and cuffs, and is fully seam sealed. An interesting fact, the jacket is cut from a single piece of fabric, called the “k-mono cut” which reduces the number of seams and reduces mass. It weighs just 9.9 oz, comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and retails for $149.

My favorite part about the Rain Trekker is the comfort. Despite being a 3-layer jacket, which is typically thick, stiff, but provides excellent rain protection, the DRY-TEK material is instead soft, thin, and flexes easily. The material feels more similar to a fabric than a typical plasticy outer-shell. The cut is also generously sized, providing plenty enough room for layers underneath, but it’s not cut in a way that comes across as baggy or loose. The inner fabric also feels nice also, with a wicking material that helps prevent clamminess or stickiness that often builds up when hiking with a shell. It also slides nicely against the skin, making is easier to move around while wearing it. Overall, it’s a wonderfully comfortable jacket, especially being a rain jacket.

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GEAR PATROL : Best All-Around Rain Jacket

Reviewed on MAR 2018

It’s rare that a jacket brings quality, performance and price to the table in such an elegant package, but staff-favorite Japanese brand Montbell managed to do just that. The Rain Trekker comes in at just $149, among the cheapest jackets on the list, yet performed among the top Editor’s Choice candidates. In keeping with the brand’s mission (ultralight gear for hikers), the Rain Trekker is among the lightest jackets on this list.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention the color of the jacket, which is unique not only on this list, but also across the outdoor industry. Not quite white and not quite cream, the Off-White colorway is one of our favorites.