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Storm Cruiser Jacket Women's


Updated 11/05/19 (EST)

Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson Review and Recommendations

Reviewed in October, 2019

Every joint is a potential point of weakness. Every seam in a rain jacket is a potential leak. One of the most revolutionary things about the MontBell Storm Cruiser Jacket is that it is cut from a single piece of fabric (the company’s K-Mono Cut). This means less seams thus, less potential points of failure. Brilliant, right?

The seams that are in the jacket are fully taped. The fabric is lightweight and triple layer. This means that for about 9 ounces, you have an incredibly durable rain jacket. It’s also comfortable enough to wear over a baselayer.

Equally at home on trails or in the city, this jacket transitions well between tasks. I’ve taken it on long and short runs in the pouring rain and stayed completely dry inside. That’s right, no sweat build up. The Storm Cruiser breathes well, at least in the cool weather conditions I’ve had it in, even when I’m running.

The ample pockets are another bonus. There’s plenty of room to stash a phone, snacks, gloves, etc if you’re not in a pack wearing mood. They’re accessible even with a hipbelt on if you are. Pit zips are easy to access and ventilate a large area, which really helps with the internal moisture control.

The adjustable hood is roomy enough to keep you from getting the “boxed in” feeling that so many rain hoods have. The waterproof zippers are easy to operate (no tugging) even with cold fingers.

Overall I’ve been very pleased with this jacket. Functional for all my outdoor activities as well as comfortable and less stiff than other hardshells I’ve used. The Storm Cruiser is a win win for the all around outdoor enthusiast.

from Heather "ANISH" Anderson