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Feels cool and comfortable even during the hottest weather

Excellent comfort, perfect to wear for everyday use during hot and humid seasons. Can be washed easily at home.

KAMI-ITO and blended yarns

KAMI-ITO starts out as paper made from Manila hemp, which is fast growing and ecologically sustainable. This paper is cut into long thin micro-pieces that are then twisted to make an impressively light and smooth yarn.

Excellent Comfort

The unique structure of KAMI-ITO PLUS fabric raises the garment away from the skin. By having your shirt hover over your body it increases air flow to keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Even though it is made from paper, KAMI-ITO PLUS is durable and easy to care for at home.

- Manila hemp is an eco-friendly material which grows relatively fast and can be harvested in 2-3 years.
- Manila hemp fiber goes through a pulping and paper-making process.
- The paper sheet is slit and twisted into paper yarns.
- The paper yarns are blended with cotton and KAMI-ITO PLUS is complete. KAMI-ITO PLUS feels comfortable and cool due to its superior breathability and smooth texture.

KAMICO products

Clothing that feels cool is an essential summer item, absolutely a must to get through the hottest parts of the year. The Kamico series takes inspiration from traditional Japanese washi clothing, creating a soft fabric that feels refreshing. Kamico is an excellent choice and unique way to beat the heat!