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Question 1 * Q. How long have you been in business? If you are a new dealer starting up, when do you plan on opening?
Question 2 * Q. Would you consider your operations more of a brick and mortar shop or an online store?
Question 3 * Q. What is the square footage of your store?
Question 4 * Q. How much of your business is conducted online as compared to in-store?
Question 5 * Q. Who do you see as your three largest competitors?
Question 6 * Q. Who is or will be your primary clientele?
Question 7 * Q. What brands do you currently carry or plan on carrying?
Question 8 * Q. How do you see Montbell fitting in with the product you currently merchandise?
Question 9 * Q. What products of Montbell's do you plan on carrying?
Question 10 * Q. We are looking for stores that can order a minimum of $5000 per year, $2500 per season, is this something you could do?