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Down Hugger 800 Half Length #1

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By adopting a classic tailor's trick, using only the best materials available, and re-imagining a trusted mountaineering concept, Montbell has brought unparalleled comfort and thermal efficiency to minimalist backpackers and alpine climbing enthusiasts with our Down Hugger Half Length Series. The lower portion of the bag offers ample room for movement by incorporating our Super Spiral Stretch technology (US.Patent NO. 7,900,301) that deftly draws the 800 fill power goose down closer to you, while eliminating drafty dead spaces. To insulate the upper body, pair a Half Bag with one of the many Montbell down jackets available and utilize the ultra-light nylon top collar to seal in body heat. Better manage temperature and comfort by opening the foot zipper to release build up body heat and moisture throughout the night. The beauty of the Half Length Series is pure versatility. First, users are able to extend the utility of an item already carried into the backcountry; the down jacket. Second, we offer 2 different loft options allowing users to tailor their sleep system to the season, region or climate frequented. Finally, users can personalize the system with down garments of varying thickness to accommodate for individual thermal requirements. This modular approach puts you in control. The construction of the Half Length #1 is based on the thermal profile of the Down Hugger 800 #1. This equates to a thicker lower bag suitable for colder weather. Of course, with a modular system like this, layering effectively will be paramount to being able to rest comfortably. In order to protect your upper half from the cold, you'll need to be wearing an equally thick down jacket. Jackets in the Montbell lineup that would pair well with the Half Length #1 would be; Mirage Parka, Frost Line Parka and Permafrost Down Parka.



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Weight23.2 oz (657 g)
Fill weight13.8 oz (390 g)
Insulation800 Fill Power EX Down
Material20-denier Ballistic nylon ripstop (water repellent finish)
Compressed size∅15×30 cm, 4.7 L
Country of originVIETNAM
OtherThermal Guideline: 23°F/-5°C

<Montbell sleeping bags stretch>
Shoulder girth when relaxed: 60 in / 152 cm
Shoulder girth when stretched: 80 in / 203 cm
Knee girth when relaxed: 51 in / 130 cm
Knee girth when stretch: 68 in / 173 cm


Montbell has adapted a classic tailor’s trick by integrating a woven fabric “cut on the bias”. By orienting the fabric’s warp and weft threads at 45 degrees to most major seam lines the sleeping bag becomes more fluid or elastic in nature. Additionally, to create an even more comfortable system we utilize an elastic stitch technique to create small “gathers” in the quilting. By combining the strategic seam orientation and the elasticized gathers we offer unrivaled fit and comfort. These innovations allow the sleeping bag to stretch with you as you change positions throughout the night, drawing the insulation closer to your body and eliminating drafty dead spaces. By using a sleeping bag with Super Spiral technology you keep body heat inside your sleeping bag, where it belongs.

The history and evolution of montbell sleeping bags

Down Sourcing

At Montbell, we source down from both the European and Asian markets to satisfy a variety of characteristics (supply/availability, low cost, consistent quality, humane practices, etc.) and maintain our lofty standards. Every season we seek to balance the superior quality for which we are known and the lowest possible raw materials cost. We change down sourcing companies frequently to insure that our customers have access to superior products at the lowest price possible. In the course of these efforts, Montbell never purchases down from operations that practice “live-plucking” methods. We only utilize down plumes and feathers collected as a by-product of water fowl raised to meet the demands of the food industry.

We will continue to look for sources of down that maximize value to our customers and allow Montbell products to perform at the highest level.

Down Maintenance