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Enjoy painting in the outdoors! The Nofude set was designed and developed with Takashi Aoyagi, who is 4th generation of Houkendo, a calligraphy specialty store in Asakusa, Tokyo established in 1939. This set was designed to be compact and lightweight, enabling you to bring all you need to start creating works of art in the outdoors. "No” means “outdoor”, and fude means “brush”. Although we may be partial to composing haikus in the outdoors or practicing calligraphy on a hillside, the Nofude Set can also be used to create works of art. How you use the Nofude Set is up to you! The Nofude set includes; an inkstone, water dropper, O.D. Pocket Tissue, an inkstick and brush.


THYM (Thyme)


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Weight228 g
Compressed size22.0×8.5×2.2 cm
Country of originVIETNAM
OtherWARNING: Calligraphy ink will permanently stain clothing.

Nofude Set Video

Nofude set

Made using slate sourced from Ishimaki in Miyagi Prefecture. Because this inkstone was designed for making ink in limited and specific quantities, it doesn't have an inkwell (a feature common in other inkstones). Coated with urethane for increased durability.
Sourced from the largest producer of ink in Japan, Nara Prefecture. The pigment of the ink is derived from oil soot, giving it a glossy appearance. The soot is combined with a high quality glue (animal based), making it suitable for writing and pictures.
Water Dropper
The shape of a carp was chosen due to its symbolic meaning of having success in life. Based on the legend of a carp swimming upstream to eventually become a dragon.
The tip of the brush is made using rabbit fur for smooth writing. The brush tip has good cohesiveness, firmness and flexibility, characteristics required for writing in a variety of thicknesses.
Pocket Tissue
Tissues dissolve with water. Convenient for cleaning your brush and inkstone when in the outdoors.

Takashi Aoyagi

Master Inkstone Artisan

A fourth generation inkstone artisan working at Hokuendou, a shop specializing in calligraphy tools based in Asakusa, Tokyo. He is an artisan specializing in making ordermade inkstones, repair and restoring inkstones designated as "cultural property." In order to look for interesting new materials, he searches for stone materials in mountains throughout Japan and abroad.