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Montbell Down Guide

Light in weight and highly compressible these garments travel well, but when needed easily yield surprising warmth. As versatile thermal components, these pieces shine as a middle layers in shoulder seasons, while proving essential on their own in cool backcountry conditions.

Plasma 1000 Series

Our highest quality down paired with our thinnest nylon in a no frills design to yield the absolute lightest insulating layer.

Ignis Down Parka

Our highest quality down paired with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® provides sweater weight warmth when the added benefit of weather resistance can help you in a pinch.

EX Light Down Anorak

High quality 900 fill power goose and our thinnest nylon are married to a light weight design to maximize warmth to weight ratio.

Superior Down Series

Mid layer in cold weather and an outer layer for spring and fall trekking. Also perfect for everyday use around town or on the commute to work.

Superior Down Round Neck

Low profile, urban inspired down liner.

Highland Series

Value oriented 650 fill power down and durable nylon provide users an option suited to town or trail without breaking the bank.

Compact and portable these pieces provide 3-season warmth, while remaining low profile and light in weight. The garments in this grouping represent our refined take on the “classic down jacket” and they function well in cold weather on their own or as a part of a well-designed layering system.

Plasma 1000 Alpine Down Parka

Our highest quality down paired with our thinnest nylon in a design with minimal features to yield the absolute lightest middle layer.

Alpine Light Series

High quality 800 fill power goose down paired with a very light, yet durable nylon and a feature rich design offers users a well-balanced layer for 3-season backcountry adventure.

Permafrost Light Down

High quality 800 fill power goose down and GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER face fabric offer backcountry users a very light layer with enviable resistance to the elements.

Upland Parka

Based on the concept of the Highland Series, the Upland has 7.1 ounces of down to boost its performance past the realm of down sweater and provide reliable outdoor insulation.

Whether in search of a cold weather camp jacket or a simple, yet reliable belay piece the warmth provided by box construction is a must! Normally used in the production of sleeping bags, this method minimizes heat loss from seam lines and promotes maximum down loft. Slightly over-sized with a longer torso these "all mountain" parkas are cut for layering and appropriate from late fall to early spring. Designed to help you deal with the coldest of conditions these pieces are ideal for alpine pursuits or whenever Mother Nature may not quite be on your side.

Mirage Parka

High quality 900 fill power goose down paired with our thinnest nylon in a design with minimal features to yield a middle layer at the pinnacle of warmth to weight ratio.

Alpine Down Parka

High quality 800 fill power goose down paired with a light, yet very durable nylon offers an excellent balance of heavy weight warmth and lightweight comfort. The Alpine Down Parka is equally suited for adventures in the backcountry and when around town.

Permafrost Down Parka

High quality 800 fill power goose down paired with GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER face fabric in a climbing specific design offers winter adventurers an expedition worthy insulating layer.

Suitable for a variety of cold weather uses. These pieces are designed to provide warmth and comfort while relaxing in town after a day spent on the trail.


Commitment to materials, confidence in quality

Montbell’s down clothing is not just high quality and ultralight. From wind blasted, snowy peaks to everyday use on your way to the supermarket, Montbell makes a variety of down garments. Each jacket is designed for a specific use with different materials and features, such as unique quilting patterns, to produce the best possible product. This allows you to select the best piece to meet your needs.

Fill power is a measure of down’s lofting ability, describing the amount of volume that one ounce of down displaces in a cylinder when weighted (measured in in3/oz). What does this mean in plain English? The higher the fill power, the higher the quality the down. Generally, 600-700 fill power down is considered good quality, with 700+ in the realm of high quality. Montbell’s Down achieves fill power of 800 - 1000, giving it amazing loft, which in turn traps a high volume of dead air. This layer of dead air insulates the air inside the jacket warmed by your body, from the cold air outside the jacket. Check the "Down Fill Power: Explained" content to know more about down fill power.

Down Sourcing

At Montbell, we source down from both the European and Chinese markets to satisfy a variety of characteristics (supply/availability, low cost, consistent quality, humane practices, etc.) and maintain our lofty standards. Every season we seek to balance the superior quality for which we are known and the lowest possible raw materials cost. We change down sourcing companies frequently to insure that our customers have access to superior products at the lowest price possible. In the course of these efforts, Montbell never purchases down from operations that practice “live-plucking” methods. We only utilize down plumes and feathers collected as a by-product of water fowl raised to meet the demands of the food industry.

We will continue to look for sources of down that maximize value to our customers and allow Montbell products to perform at the highest level.


Down Garments

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