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Sleeping Pad Guide

A good night's sleep outdoors is dependent on a multitude of factors. An often overlooked aspect? The sleeping pad. We offer a wide variety of sleeping pads for various applications. From summer backpacking to winter climbing. Read on to learn about our sleeping pad lineup and getting some insight on which pad will best meet your needs.

A sleeping pad's role is two-fold; to insulate you from the ground and to provide cushioning. Not enough cushioning? You could wake up sore or stiff. Not enough insulation? You may not be able to get deep enough sleeping because you wake up at night cold. To get the rest you need, a sleeping pad is essential in addition to choosing a flat place, as free of protrusions as possible.

The benefit of a sleeping pad

1. Creates a barrier that slows the loss of heat into the ground.

2. Cushions and creates a more even, stable surface for sleep.

Montbell makes three different types of sleeping pads

weight and storage size

In addition to determining what amount of insulation you need, weight and how compact the pad is should be your next considerations. For backpacking trips of even bike packing tours, where space is at a premium, lighter more compact models should be prioritized. For activities where weight and space is less of a concern, for example car camping, you can go with comparatively heavier models that may provide more cushioning.

Comfort and Insulation

Level of cushioning is a matter of personal preference. Though going with a thicker pad usually means an increase in weight and size. Before purchasing it is important to consider your priorities. Do you take a heavier, bulkier pad with your for better comfort? Or do you bring a lighter, smaller pad and potentially get less sleep as a result?


For activities where space is at a premium, our 50cm width models offer a good balance of weight and compactness, while still providing a level of comfort necessary to get a good night's rest. Think in terms of, your elbows might be resting on the ground.
If weight and space is not a concern, our 60cm width models provide a little extra room to spread out. Elbows are on the sleeping pad.

Size and Connectability

Montbell offers pads in various lengths, with many of them featuring toggles and loops to link up with other pads or accessory items, such as pillows. Sleeping pads also come in different lengths so you can customize just how much pad is necessary for your needs. As an example, we sometimes hear of people taking weight savings to an extreme by getting creative with a 90cm length pad and using an empty backpack under their legs.

Comparison based on insulation performance

Insulation performance is determined by the material and internal structure of the sleeping pad. Thicker doesn't necessarily mean better insulation performance. Instead of thickness, refer to a sleeping pad's R-value when comparing different sleeping pads.


What is R-value?

 The R-value is an indicator of the insulation performance of a sleeping pad based on ASTM F3340-18. The higher the value, the better the insulation performance. R-value is a useful guideline when selecting a sleeping pad.

U.L. Comfort System (Patented)

Combine our sleeping pads with your backpack, optional items (sold separately) or whatever you may have on hand to create a comfortable sleep system according to the conditions or your own personal preferences. This unique system is available for the U.L. Comfort System Air Pad & Wide Series, Exceloft Air Pad, U.L. Comfort System Alpine Pad 25, Camp Pad 38 and Camp Pad 50.

The Joint System

Our unique system allows you to join pads of different lengths and accessories like our pillow, to prevent shifting and slippage during sleep.

Pillow strap

The pads have a strap to make compressing easier when it is time to put the pad back in its stuff sack. The strap can also be used to secure a pillow to the pad, just fashion a pillow out of the stuff sack or other similar item using clothes or a jacket.

Our inflatable pads share these other features

Air Valve

The valve is designed so that when air is being blown in, it will immediately seal to prevent air escaping. This allows for easy adjustment while inflating, simply inflate the pad more or press the check valve in to release air. This valve is also compatible with our Pump Stuff Bag.

Pump Stuff Bag compatible

Quickly and easily inflate your sleeping pad. Camp Pad 38, 50 and 100 wide come with a stuff sack with a built-in pump.

Repair kit

A dedicated repair kit is included for patching leaks and replacing a valve in the field.

We offer a variety of sleeping pads that each have their place in your sleep system. Read on to see how each can fit your needs.

This series provides insulation and comfort in an ultra-packable design that's recommended for those looking to looking to save weight and pack space.

Box construction

The air pad features internal partitions which create a flatter more level sleeping experience.

Partition wall height

Taller partitions reduce cold spots and provide better insulation.

Features our proprietary synthetic insulation, Exceloft. Exceloft's insulative qualities and its durability make the Exceloft Air Pad series suitable for cold weather pursuits in a lightweight package. Contrary to the belief that "lightweight can't be comfortable," the Exceloft Air Pad provides a comfortable sleeping experience with excellent cushioning.

Insulated box construction

Our proprietary synthetic Exceloft insulation is inserted into the same construction found in our Air Pad models. High partition walls reduce cold spots and allow Exceloft to loft to its full potential.

Maximum loft

We've uniquely designed the internal structure of the pad so that Exceloft is attached to both the top and bottom of the pad. As the pad inflates, the pad opens and restores the synthetic insulation's loft automatically, reducing the chances for cold spots due to compressed insulation.

Lightweight and compact

Exceloft is made of microfibers. The fibers themselves are very fine and flexible, resulting in an extremely compact sleeping pad. An equivalent R-Value in an open-cell foam inflatable pad would be much bulkier.

This model features a lightweight open-cell urethane foam. Opening the air valve allows the foam to self-inflate to a point, allowing you to add additional air to achieve your desired firmness. This lightweight and compact air pad has excellent cushioning properties and is perfectly suited for a variety of activities.

Balancing weight and insulation

The lightweight open-cell foam features great insulative properties, allowing us to reduce weight without having to alter the shape or pattern of the foam (such as cutting blocks out of the foam). We further lighten the weight by using carefully chosen fabric, valves, buckles and toggles.

Solid foam for maximum comfort

By using a solid piece of lightweight open cell foam, the pad achieves even cushioning, support and insulation to promote comfort. For example, look at the thermal imaging of a similar pad made with spaced out blocks of foam (to reduce weight) illustrating the poorer thermal performance.

Four thicknesses

The Alpine Pad 25 series is a lightweight, compact model suited for backpacking while the Camp Pad series emphasizes cushioning and higher R-Values. There are three different versions within the Camp Pad lineup, the Camp Pad 38 and 50 can be used for backpacking in shoulder seasons and colder weather, while the Camp Pad 100 is better suited to situations when weight and space is less of a concern, like car camping.

For Backpacking

For Camping and Winter usage

This is a lightweight sleeping pad that deploys quickly by simply unfolding, no inflating necessary. It uses polyethylene closed-cell foam that excels when durability matters. The bottom foam on the pad is firmer, which improves comfort on uneven ground. The Foam Pad series utilizes an egg-shell pattern to disperse weight and cushion.

Compact storage

The egg-shell pattern is designed to overlap when folded, allowing it to be compactly folded.

High durability and effective insulation

Since it is closed-cell foam, there is no worry about tearing, making it suitable for direct placement on the ground. The pattern also increases the distance from the ground and helps insulate from the ground.

Bring optional items to make your overnight stay more comfortable. The Pump Bag is a dedicated item that allows you to quickly inflate the U.L. Comfort System*-equipped models. There are also pillows and extension pads that can be used in conjunction with sleeping pads, as well as liners and covers that can be used in combination with sleeping bags.
*Please note that items manufactured before 2016 are not compatible due to differences in valve shape.

Extension pads & pillows

Pump bag

Liners & covers

Sleeping Bag Guide

Here at Montbell we want to match you with outdoor gear and apparel that will allow you to make adventure memories to last a lifetime! To help make that happen we’ve put together this guide to walk you through our diverse sleeping bag offerings and arm you with the knowledge necessary to pick a bag that’s going to meet your needs right off the bat. So…