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Superior Down Parka Men's


Updated 03/15/19 (EST)

The Ultimate Continental Divide Trail Packing List

Reviewed: January 2019

Light Puffy Jacket

A puffy jacket is an essential piece of clothing for every CDT hiker: While the trail is exposed to the sun during the day, nights can be cold. I like the Montbell Superior Down Parka, which offers a good balance of warmth to weight in an 8.7-ounce package.

from Backpacker Magazine

Top Gear for Hiking and Biking : Superior Down Parka

Review Date: September 2015

There are tons of insulated jackets out there, so how to choose just one for hiking and backpacking trips this fall? Weighing in at just 8.7 ounces and beefed up with lofty 800-fill Power Goose Down, this puffy topped our test. It’s light and compactible enough to hide away in your pack, but offers up all the warmth you need when things get chilly.

from Elevation Outdoors