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Stretch Rain Full Zip Pants Women's


Updated 10/01/17 (EST)

Montbell Athlete Heather "Anish" Anderson Review and Recommendations

Waterproof. Breathable. Comfortable. Full Range of Motion. Easy on and off over footwear.

These factors set these rain pants apart from others I’ve tried. I utilized these pants during my recent thru-hike of the 750 mile long Oregon Desert Trail. They kept me warm and dry during several days of spring storms (hail, snow, sleet, rain). They were also effective against bugs.

The zippers are waterproof as well meaning no leaks. Since they zip fully open I could vent them as temperatures or my intensity fluctuated, which helped keep me comfortable. At 9.7oz they are a bit on the heavy side for thru-hikes, unless a lot of bad weather is anticipated, but they are perfect for mountaineering trips and fall/winter/spring hiking.

These also feature a Samue Leg Closure System, which utilizes an elastic cord at the bottom to create fully closed pant legs. You can also use it to create knickers/crop pants if it’s warm. It took me some getting used to, but it’s a very clever design feature unique to Montbell.

from Heather "ANISH" Anderson