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Super Merino Wool M.W. High Neck Shirt Men's

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Using only the best superfine MERINO WOOL fibers on the market in our fabric, yields a highly elastic base layer that moves with you while flaunting a velvety touch. Middle weight SUPER MERINO Wool offers the same stellar moisture management and thermal properties that traditional wool is famous for, while reaching new levels of refinement and luxury. You can enjoy all the comfort of wool in a day around your favorite mountain town or during your latest winter backcountry obsession. Our most versatile wool base layer is ideally suited for moderate exertion in cool to cold weather. Ideal uses: Backcountry skiing / boarding, Mountaineering, Hiking, Climbing.


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  • Natural Antibacterial Deodorizationy
  • Static Electricity Resistant
  • Flat seam construction
  • Slantec cuffs


Weight7.4 oz (207 g)
Fabric100% SUPER MERINO Wool
Fabric Weight: 185g/㎡
Country of originCHINA

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super Merino Wool


Specially Selecte Wool Fibers
The outer layer of each individual fiber is covered in scales which help maintain warmth. Compared to other materials that reflect heat, SUPER MERINO Wool is a superior insulator.
Furthermore, the fibers that we utilize are more uniform in the number of crimps and their orientation, while maintaining great consistency in diameter. This allows for very few "stray" fibers that make traditional wool garments itchy and uncomfortable.

Natural Antibacterial Properties
Wool fabrics are naturally odor resistant due to wool’s unique characteristics.The fabric is highly breathable, easily moves perspiration away from the skin, creating a dry environment where odor causing bacteria cannot thrive.

Simple to Care For
All of Montbell’s SUPER MERINO Wool garments can be washed in the home. (Please use mild detergent, machine wash cold on the gentle cycle, and lay flat to dry.

Static Electricity Resistant
By introducing a small number of electron deductive carbon fibers into the thread we are able to produce a fabric that limits static build up during activity.

Ease of movement by design / super merino wool


ideal uses / Super Merino Wool


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